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A Hydrocal sculpture with a polymer clay bird skull headpiece. Limited edition (10)
Casual Friday
Winner of the Newby Patrons Award at the 2018 National Sculpture Society's Annual Awards Exhibition at Brookgreen Gardens, S.C.
Hydrocal, polymer clay, acrylic and string

Every sculpture has a beginning, and this one began with a bird skull I found on a Sunday walk on Sandy Neck beach. When a turned the skull upside down, the idea for Jones from Accounts fell out along with this poem:

Old Jones worked in Accounts
Monday to Thursday he counted beans
But on Friday when he closed the books
He dressed like kings and queens

His coworkers wore jeans and T-shirts
And even clothes for Yoga
But old Jones favorite choice of threads
Was a bird skull and bedsheet toga

Each Friday he was summoned
“Jones, you’ve got to see HR
We believe in individual freedom
But once again you’ve gone too far”

“Jones, we give you lots of perks
And we’re keen for you to advance
Can you do us just one small favor
And come to work in pants”