In-Person Classes

In-Person Classes

Portrait Sculpting 2022

Join me as you develop your portrait sculpture skills. Aimed at those with some sculpting experience, this class will take you through learning the bone structure and muscles of the head and face to creating a portrait.

You’ll begin this class by making a copy of a skull so that you understand the foundation of the portrait. Having mastered that, you will add some of the facial muscles, creating a reference piece that you can use for your future artistic endeavors. Once you understand all the "stuff" that goes on under the skin you are ready to move on to creating a portrait from a live model using the planes of the face technique.

This is a great class for any artist working with the human figure, and while the class has a fun and relaxed atmosphere, some familiarity with sculpting, either taught or self-taught, is needed.

Masks are required for this class.

Enrolled students may attend Open Studio sessions for free for the duration of this class.

6 Mondays, Jan 10-Feb 14
McGraw Ceramics Studio
$306/$275 members

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